Who We ARe... 

bitzro is a pioneering team of professional architectural lighting design consultants who have experience in a wide range of disciplines including architectural design, interior design, graphic design, product/industrial design, engineering, computer technology, and lighting construction. It is through each individual designer's unique talents that we come together to compose masterful lighting designs. Ultimately, we strive to produce designs that fulfill the needs of both the client and users of a given space.

What We do...

We believe that architectural lighting design is more than just "lighting up" the built environment and that is exactly what we do... more. While the main scope of our work deals with designing exceptional spatial environments through the exciting medium of light, we are also keenly aware that in order to be the best at what we do we must continuously develop as professionals. Listed below are our specific areas of expertise.

  • Lighting Planning & Design: Architectural, Landscape, Interior Lighting
  • Art Content Development: Media Art, Light Art, Lighting Exhibition
  • Design Research: Master Plan, Design Manual & Guideline
  • Luminaire Design: Custom-made Fixtures
  • Technical & Engineering Support: Construction Supervision

Why We Do It...

To put it simply, we are addicted to light and the way it shapes environments, experiences, and emotions. Lighting design is an extremely rewarding profession that encompasses the area in which spatial environments and human interaction come together. It is as much psychological as it is about revealing, enhancing, and creating space through light. At bitzro we work with both passion and pride, where our hunger to consume everything lighting is apparent in our work as well as everyday lives.