Spaces can take on a variety of characteristics such as natural and comfortable, while at other times being fresh and lively, or even splendid and luxurious. For Jae Sung light is like make-up. Light showcases the various visual aspects of a space, bringing joy and happiness to those that experience them. Jae Sung spends long hours at the job site contemplating in the dark in order to figure out the best possible lighting solution. Nevertheless he says that the joy he feels when turning the lights on for the first time always provides him with new energy. Within bitzro, Jae Sung assumes the role of a pillar of both strength and durability, able to successfully complete a wide variety of projects from concept to completion.

Jae Sung previously worked at Nuriplan where he gained a wide breadth of experience. At bitzro he is currently in charge of numerous environmental lighting design projects.


자연스럽고 편안하게, 혹은 상큼 발랄하거나 화려하고 고급스럽게. 하나의 공간이라도 팔색조의 모습으로 사람들을 즐겁게 하는 빛은 화장과도 같다고 생각한다. 공간을 메이크업 하기 위해 늦은 밤 어둠 속 현장에서 고뇌하지만, 프로젝트 완성 후의 점등 현장에서 느끼는 희열은 늘 새로운 에너지가 된다는 그는 비츠로의 듬직한 기둥이다.  누리플랜에서 일했으며, 경관조명 설계를 많이 한다.