Hashimoto, Kiwako

 “What defines a great space?” This single question has been following Kiwako since her childhood. Working professionally with space is her process to finding the answer to this question and in the center of it all is light. Originally charmed by the inherent “freeness” of light, which is not confined to a particular shape, she focuses on the role of light and takes pride in giving a space a whole new dimension through the use of well-designed lighting. Thus far, Kiwako has been involved in a variety of projects including clothing stores, offices, and parks. In order to create even more amazing spaces, she spends her free time out and about observing new things, taking in new experiences, and challenging herself whenever and wherever possible.

하시모토 키와코

“훌륭한 공간이란 무엇일까?” 하는 질문은 어릴 적부터 키와코를 따라다녔다. 공간을 다루는 일은 그 답을 찾아가는 과정이다. 그 중심에 빛이 있다. 모양에 얽매이지 않은 자유로운 빛의 모습에 매료된 그녀는 빛의 역할에 주목하고, 빛으로 새롭게 공간을 해석하고 설계하는 일에 자부심을 느낀다. 의류매장부터, 오피스 공간, 공원에 이르기까지 다양한 프로젝트에 참여했다. 더 훌륭한 공간을 만들기 위해 늘 치열하게 고민하는 키와코는 시간 날 때마다 걸어다니며 새로운 것을 보고, 경험하고, 도전하는 것을 좋아한다.